Bath Toy Organizer Set Ship Shape Toys Organizer
"Thanks to this company for providing the easy, affordable solution to the mess in my bathroom. All the soaps and shampoo hang in one bag, and the kids’ foam bath toys in another. The suction cups were hard to attach at first, but I cleaned the bathtub and wet them a little like the instructions say, and they now work really well."
"These organizer bags are great, and the price is right. My 3 year old actually tidies up after his bath by himself! He loves storing his boats in the bag. I use the other bag for make-up. It sticks to the mirror and is really convenient."
"I’m really happy with this set of bathroom bags, and I could see myself using them in the kids’ bedroom for tidying stuff too. The cups need a smooth surface to attach, but that’s all. At the moment all the children’s toys are off the floor of the bathroom and out of the tub - so much better than balancing everything on the edge of the bath and waiting for it to drain."
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